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Quality English and Quality Education Fam Trips 2016

QE & QED Fam Trips 2016

A Fam Trip is essentially when an agent, or group of agents, tours a set of schools in order to find out about the courses, facilities and activities on offer. In the case of Quality English, we recently hosted a Fam Trip to some of the Quality English schools in Ireland whilst simultaneously hosting a Fam Trip around the Quality English and Quality Education UK Junior Residential Centres.

In total, across the two Fam Trips, QE showed 21 agents around 13 Quality English schools and Quality Education colleges. At each of the schools and colleges, the agents met with the owners who gave them an introduction to the range of courses, facilities and high academic standards they offer.

Meeting the owners, who are passionate about their schools and the standards they maintain, is an important feature of QE Fam Trips as it enables the agent to not only get a clearer idea of the courses on offer, but also a good feel for the school, which means they can speak knowledgeably about the school to prospective students.

The QE Ireland Fam Trip set off after StudyWorld London and brought together nine agents from eight countries. Meanwhile, the QE UK Junior Residential Centres Fam Trip headed off with twelve agents from seven countries. Having a wide range of nationalities is very important to QE schools and QEd colleges as it enrichens the student experience.

The first stop on the QE Ireland Fam Trip was Dublin where the schools were taken to see the Emerald Cultural Institute, ATC Dublin and Atlantic Dublin. They were also given time to explore Dublin and see first-hand what it has to offer as a destination for all types of language student.

The next stop was Cork, where the group visited Cork English College and were again given time to explore the city and consider which city might best suit their prospective students.

The final stop was the coastal city of Galway and a tour of Atlantic Language Galway. Having Quality English schools in three very different Irish cities offers students a wide choice. Some students prefer the blend of history and modern attractions of Dublin, whilst others prefer the more intimate and traditional feel of Cork or the vibrant atmosphere of Galway.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the other QE Fam Trip visited the following nine centres:

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