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About Us

We connect international students with independent English Language schools, colleges, courses and agents.

Quality English schools

Quality English schools are carefully selected from the best Independent English language schools in English speaking countries. They are renowned for their quality and reputation, and offer a choice of general and specialised courses in desirable locations around the world. All schools are independently owned and managed. They are not part of a chain and each school has its own unique character.

Quality Education colleges

Quality Education colleges are carefully selected from the best independent colleges offering academic and vocational courses which are taught in English. They offer exceptional service, unique character and a choice of courses. They must be independent and accredited. We check feedback from students and agents to make sure that students are happy with their courses. 

How we select our schools and colleges

  • They must be independent, owner-run and not part of a chain.
  • They must have a good reputation which we verify through student and agent feedback.
  • They must be nationally accredited. 
  • They are invited to apply for a Licence. This application has to be approved by the QE Board.
  • We speak to the agents they work with to get their opinions.
  • We carry out an inspection of the premises, and speak to the staff and students.
  • We maintain regular contact with them to ensure they are maintaining the highest standards.

Quality control procedures

We take quality control very seriously and regularly monitor the quality of all our English language schools through student feedback, agent references and accreditation results. These must be of an excellent and consistent standard.

When a school chooses to apply to join Quality English, we carry out a site visit which includes a comprehensive review of the school, the premises, staff qualifications and experience, academic standards and activity programmes. We seek feedback from students themselves through focus groups and we request references from their agent partners. We also review their local accreditation results and all of this forms a report from which the QE Board of Directors makes a final decision on the suitability of the school.

We constantly monitor feedback from agents about QE schools and carry out inspections on all QE schools every four years. 

QE Online Standards

We recently formed a working committee of industry experts comprising of QE staff, QE School owners and Academic Directors to oversee the development of QE Online Standards. All QE schools that agree to these Standards now carry the new QE Online Logo. These Standards cover everything that students, parents and agents can expect from a QE school and that the online course will be of the same high-quality of QE on-site courses. The standards include:

  • Assessment
  • One-to-one tutorials
  • Maximum class sizes
  • Course textbooks and resources
  • Teacher qualifications, CPD and appropriate training
  • Functionality of learning platforms and integration with VLE/LMS
  • Virtual staffrooms
  • Online social programmes
  • Online safeguarding policies
  • Technical support
  • Pastoral support
  • Complaints procedure
  • A commitment that QE/QED standards maintain the standards expected of their on-site courses.

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