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Changing lives with RefuAid and their 'Language: A Gateway' programme

Quality English is pleased to have developed a partnership with RefuAid to promote the good work they do. Without access to structured, intensive language tuition and qualifications such as OET and IELTS those with asylum in the UK are subject to a life of isolation and unable to return to work and/or education. RefuAid, founded in 2015, provide a practical response to the barriers facing those who have sought asylum in living independent and fulfilling lives.

In addition to supporting refugees with regard to finance, re-qualification and specialist employment advice, RefuAid offer their Language: A Gateway programme that increases access to English language tuition for people who have claimed asylum in the UK and those in the process of doing so. So far the organisation has partnered with over 78 private for-profit English language schools who offer RefuAid student’s free tuition for as long as they require on structured courses that provide between 16 and 32 hours of tuition a week. RefuAid pays for the travel expenses, course materials and up to 2 exam attempts as well as providing supportive casework to the student. This enables aspiring students and those who are looking to return to a previous career to gain the English language certifications relevant for further education and employment opportunities. In addition, they provide bespoke career guidance through use of a national network of corporate partners, support with university applications, work placements, mentoring and job opportunities.

Start changing the lives of those facing language barriers and become a partner school. Just get in touch with Kate Higgins at
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