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Study Travel Alphe Conferences


With over 27 years’ experience our reputable and trusted brands, StudyTravel Magazine and StudyTravel Alphe Conferences bring together agents and education consultants who recruit and advise students, and educators who are looking for international students to attend their institution for the purpose of studying languages.

StudyTravel Magazine is the only monthly b2b publication in the study abroad industry, with over 29,000 quality agent readers based at 7.000 different agencies in over 129 countries worldwide. Our agent readers rely on our up-to-date industry news, statistics and articles to advise the students they send abroad year after year.  Schools who advertise will reach our high-quality agent readers all over the world and enables businesses to expand and consolidate their network of partners.

StudyTravel Magazine is complemented by the StudyTravel Alphe Conferences -2 day events where educators meet face to face with quality, reference checked agents. . Both parties sit down for 30-minute face-to face meetings with a view to establishing a lasting business partnership. We organise 11 events in 10 worldwide locations including London, Frankfurt, St Petersburg, Tokyo, Seoul, Malaga, Bangkok, Taipei Sao Paulo and Istanbul. QE members are conveniently placed together to form a village of schools for agents to easily identify them when at ST Alphe events. 

StudyTravel have recently launched a revolutionary networking tool – the new StudyTravel Network (STN) site – the complete communication platform for marketing, booking meetings, connecting with your agents, associations and peers, networking and more.

With over 12,000 international education industry key players already registered, you can find your partners, share documents, news and photos, chat, share knowledge and even recruit staff. That is on top of your international education news feed, keeping you in the loop with everything happening in the industry.

Offer to QE schools and QED colleges: QE/QED licensees benefit from a standard 5% QE association discount on top of all available early booking discounts for all ST Alphe Conferences. For more information about their forthcoming conferences, click here.

Contact Stephanie Helliwell for more information or to book your place with the QE discount:

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