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QE webinar series 2022: Renewable English

QE webinar series 2022: Renewable English
Harry Waters has been teaching for over 15 years. He is a trainer for the ELTon award winning Pearson and BBC Live Classes project. He is also the learning guide for Pearson and BBC Studio’s project Speak Out for Sustainability. 
Recently he’s been working hard with the Macmillan Advanced Learning team in their quest to help build a more sustainable future. He spoke on their behalf at this years IATEFL in Belfast. 
His climate activism within education and drive for reform, led to an invitation to speak at the world’s largest climate summit ChangeNOW in Paris. 
His passion for teaching and obsession with the planet led him to create Renewable English an online English course, providing free classes and materials aimed at raising climate change awareness across the globe. Harry is also a passionate teacher trainer.             
He is the trustee for the British charity Kids Against Plastic and a radio presenter for Teacher Talk Radio. He describes himself as an imperfect environmentalist with a love of flags and funky second-hand shirts.
The Climate Crisis is something that is worrying for everybody. This webinar will give you practical ideas and materials to help you include a sustainable spin to every lesson and shine a positive light on what we can do to help make a healthier planet. 
It will also help you find solutions to your own and your learners’ objections to learning about the Climate Emergency.
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