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Mediation - what is it and how do we teach it?

Mediation - what is it and how do we teach it?

Presented by Steve Tulk

Expect to hear the word ‘mediation’ a lot in the near future, as mediation descriptors are now in the CEFR. As teachers, we need to know what it is, why it matters and how we can teach it. But what if you already teach the skills needed without knowing it? By the end of this talk you should have a clear idea of what mediation is and how it reflects real-life communication. With examples from Macmillan’s new General English course, Language Hub, we will look at a range of activities – some familiar, some new – that you can use to develop the mediation skills of your own students.

If you would like to see a recording for this webinar hosted by Macmillan Publishers, click on the link below:

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Steve Tulk is the Macmillan ELT consultant for London, the Midlands, Northern England, Scotland and Wales. Steve was an ELT teacher for many years, teaching in Europe, the Middle East and in the UK. He is an experienced teacher trainer and has also held academic management and school management positions in the UK and overseas. Steve’s particular areas of interest within the ELT classroom are the need to place a greater emphasis on meaningful communication practice, and increasing the representation of international accents in our materials.

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