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2015 Mission to Bilbao

2015 Mission to Bilbao

"It was the first time I attended one of your workshops and I was delighted.  I must say that the first impression was really good as it was so familiar, not large, no noise, relaxed atmosphere.  Everything regarding the organization was really brilliant.  It was a good mix of language schools, boarding schools, high school studies, specialized courses, so we could meet with various types of providers."

Elisa Rozadilla, Step Language Services, Authorised Quality Agent

Educators and Agents were in Bilbao for our first mission to the city on 10th November 2015.  We invited agents to the one day workshop where they met the school directors, the decision-makers, in a small, bespoke workshop.  

Agents had a schedule of pre-booked face-to-face meetings with the educators and were invited to join us for lunch which is followed by the Quality English and Quality Education presentation plus presentations from the mission sponsors.  Educators and agents were kindly invited to join us at the end of the day for an informal champagne drinks reception.

This workshop was sponsored by Cork English College, Ireland.

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