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Student Experience at VGC International College

Student Experience at VGC International College

Nana Matsubara’s journey with VGC International College started with her wanting to improve her English and now she has her Diploma in Business Communications with Co-Op from VGC’s International School of Business. What began as a plan that was thrown into disarray by COVID-19, Nana instead showed remarkable resilience by transforming this into an opportunity to better prepare for her future professional career.

Read more about why Nana chose to study in VGC, her experience with the Co-Op program and her plans after completing her diploma course:

Why did you choose to study with VGC?
The reason why I chose VGC is that VGC has a business program with Co-Op and VGC has won the Best Language School Award. The teachers are very professional and supportive. Also, students are learning not only English but also their cultures.

Tell us more about your Co-Op work experience? 
I worked in a local company named NewSmile Canada as an administrative assistant, office assistant and a shipping representative for six months. I like my experience I gained there. I acquired great skills in business communications during my Co-Op program.

Before I worked in NewSmile, I had no confidence to work in a local company in Canada. This was because I had no experience working in Canada. However, I realized that the most important thing is to communicate with co-workers as much as possible to get to know each other. It is possible to cover the shortcomings by building a good relationship and earning the trust of my co-workers.

How did VGC help prepare you for this?
VGC helped me to improve my business English skills and taught me how to make my resume attractive.

You can read the full interview here.

VGC International College is a Language and Business School located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Since opening its doors in 2003, it has hosted thousands of students from more than 85 nations and has become one of Canada’s fastest-growing private colleges. Its School of English is designed with the students’ needs and goals in mind, with programs that are recognized by prestigious post-secondary institutions. While its School of International Business equips students with all the skills they need to understand and be successful in the Canadian job market by developing their business and English language skills, as well teaching key frameworks and strategies commonly found in Canadian businesses.

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