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VGC International College - School of International Business

VGC International College - School of International Business
  • Strong Nationality Mix: Students of over 85 nationalities have studied at VGC and have contributed to a diverse student culture.
  • Academics First: VGC is a top academic institution and is recognized and accredited by the Canadian government, the provincial government and Languages Canada.
  • Location: VGC’s state of the art modern business campus and our heritage Gastown campus are both located in the heart of Vancouver.

Courses at School

  • Diploma Business Programs
    • Diploma in Business Communications
    • Diploma in Business Communications + Co-Op
    • Diploma in Managing Customer Relationships
    • Diploma in Managing Customer Relationships + Co-Op
  • Four Week Business Certificate Programs
    • Applied Leadership in the Workplace
    • Business Communication Essentials
    • Business Presentations and Practices
    • Communication for Customer Satisfaction and Excellence
    • Introduction to Canadian Business Management
    • Marketing Essentials
    • Practical Business Calculations
    • Practical Sales Techniques
    • Principles of Managing Customer Relationships
  • Online Courses
    • Business and Professional English Online
    • Teacher Courses Online
  • Two Week Intensive Business Programs:
    • Entrepreneurship: How to Create a Successful Business
    • Leadership
    • Marketing Through Social Media
Ruriko from Japan

"In my opinion VGC’s business English class is a perfect chance to improve your business knowledge and skills. Their business classes are small and you will have special attention from the teachers."

Ricardo from Brazil

"I joined VGC’s Business Seminar to learn more about entrepreneurship. It was an amazing experience, the program provided me with valuable material and content about how I can start my own business. I strongly recommend people to participate in this seminar!"

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