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The London School of English launches a new free General and Business English online test

The London School of English launches a new free General and Business English online test

The London School of English has recently launched a new free adaptive online English test that allows users to assess their level of General English, Business English, or a combination of both.

The adaptive system means that test takers are presented with questions based on the accuracy of their previous answers. This provides each test taker with a unique combination of 33 questions which will not be far above or below their skill level.

On completion of the test, recipients receive an email which reports their CEFR level, their level according to our Level Scale (pegged to IELTS levels), and level description. A detailed test report can be purchased for £10, which also includes explanations of all the solutions for the questions in their test.

The question types in the test include multiple choice gap-fill, multiple choice gapped paragraphs, multiple choice sentence completion, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension. While the test does not assess speaking skills, the listening section includes understanding of English in use and conversational norms, which form part of a learner’s communicative ability in speech.

Andy Johnson, Director of London School Online, explains the benefits of the new test: “In a conventional online level test, all test takers take the same test with questions ranging from elementary to proficiency. People with a low level of English find this particularly demoralising because they are faced with many questions that are too difficult. Another problem is that they have to guess some of the answers, so the results are often not completely accurate. We chose an adaptive test because it avoids all of these issues by tailoring each test to the individual test-taker as they are working through it. It’s much more accurate, and much more enjoyable.”

“Another benefit of the test is that no two tests are the same. Each test contains 30 questions, but there are over 700 possible questions in the whole test. It means that learners can take the test again and again to check their progress.”

The test takes approximately 20 minutes and requires headphones. You can find it here:



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