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Teacher training courses at ATC Language Schools

Teacher training courses at ATC Language Schools

ATC Language Schools are delighted to offer a range of teacher training and development programmes for teachers of English and teachers of subjects through English. As with all of ATC’s courses, the teacher training courses have been adapted for dynamic online learning.

Some of these programmes caught the attention of a group of teachers from Avezzano, Italy in early 2021. Carmine Di Giustino, a teacher in a high school in Avezzano, has been actively developing his school’s awareness of CLIL for more than 20 years, working with institutes in several European countries. Carmine and his colleagues took one of ATC’s most innovative online teacher training courses in connection with the Erasmus+ KA1 action. This course focused on STEAM methodology, along with effective STEAM course planning and delivery.

Here is what Carmine had to say about his experience with ATC so far –

“These courses, held by wonderful training experts, have been the perfect balance between theory and practice with the trainees performing in the workshop as both teachers and students, but the added value to all the practice was the conclusion, with a real STEAM lesson engaging students from our school. After arranging the school timetable, our students could be directly involved in the activities and the results were incredible.

Our teachers’ and students’ feedback about the course was enthusiastic and we owe this great result to the high professionalism of the teacher trainers from ATC and the perfect organisation of the course, structured so that even in this pandemic situation everything could be useful and enjoyable.

As the one in charge in my school to lead the Erasmus+ team, and being responsible for international projects and innovative teaching, I strongly recommend this course made by ATC in the STEAM methodology approach and language development; materials, teachings, the trainers’ smart behaviour and high level of professionalism are a true guarantee to create interest, motivation and knowledge to be directly used into scientific or humanistic classes.

Thanks to Silvia, Joanne, Alison and all the ATC staff for your great job!”

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