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Getting the balance right between work and fun with Academic Summer Camps

Getting the balance right between work and fun with Academic Summer Camps

Academic Summer Camps know that when it comes to getting the best results in learning it’s important to get the balance right between work and fun.

That's why in addition to full and half-day trips, after the classroom, students will participate in NEW! elective activities and Be a Leader.

Be a Leader is a CPD accredited leadership course where students experience lecture-style learning and group activities designed to develop lifelong skills. Participants work together to discover and develop communication, negotiation, problem-solving and presentation skills. The aim is for all participants to feel happy, confident and able to undertake tasks they never thought themselves capable of.

Elective afternoons allow students to choose their favourite activities so they are only ever doing something that excites them. No longer will they have to stand at the side of the soccer pitch wishing they were baking a cake or acting as a tree in the drama production when they could be making fires and learning survival skills.

Academic Summer Camps have an elective for everyone:
Get Ready for University: Gain a competitive advantage and pick up top tips to help get ready for university.
Arts and crafts: Tie-dye, graffiti, paint day, murals, photography. Make the most of our schools’ fabulous, well-resourced art studios.
Athletics: Improve athletic ability and fitness -learn to hurdle, long jump, high jump, javelin and shot put before competing in a decathlon.
Drama: Learn the art of open script conversations, improvisation then star in a performance
English: Turbocharge English language acquisition with classes including essay-writing and presentation skills.
Food technology: Finesse culinary talents including knife skills, how to make the perfect batter and cake decoration. Tasks include a mystery box challenge and the grand Master Chef finale.
Games: Tennis, Alaskan baseball, football, ultimate frisbee and much more
Horse-riding: Suitable for complete beginners or experienced riders. There is a perfect horse for everyone! (Sidcot and Greece only).
Outdoor learning: Gain essential knowledge about outdoor survival. Build a fire and cook on it. Forage the flora and fauna.
Water sports: water-skiing, snorkelling, kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing in the Mediterranean Sea (Greece only).

Students can chose to join one of these fabulous camps in the right location for them: UK (London* or Bristol), Germany, Switzerland, Greece or Canada.

*Electives and Be a Leader are not available in London.

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