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Full success for VanWest College's Hiring Fair

Full success for VanWest College's Hiring Fair

The VanWest College hiring fair was held on November 2, 2022, and it was open only to VanWest College students. The event was a huge success, and many of their partner businesses participated eagerly in the hope of hiring two or more of their students. A few of them even brought current and former students to be part of their panel.

The school had a wide range of companies from various industries, from retail to hospitality. There were plenty of opportunities for their students to get hired, and many did. Some were hired on the spot. The hiring representatives were so impressed with the students that they offered positions right after their face-to-face interview. Many got callbacks and were hired later on. Much of the success of the students was due to the hard work of the school's co-op department.

Watch the recap of the fair here.

VanWest College’s co-op department helps prepare their students for the Canadian workforce. Not only do they organize events like this, but they also provide resources that help their students professionally. Aside from the fair, students are able to join workshops that they host in-house. These workshops help the students improve their job search and interview skills. They are a great support system for their students planning to work and study in Canada with one of the school's co-op programs.

For more information about VanWest's co-op programs, see here.

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