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Business English Groups at Lewis School

Business English Groups at Lewis School

Lewis School of English in Southampton, UK, has been welcoming groups of talented junior students for Business English courses this autumn.

The courses were tailor-made according to each group’s needs. Lessons were project-based and challenging - designed to develop students’ leadership, communication and problem-solving skills, as well as their powers of persuasion! Students were tasked, for example, with proposing a new product, and devising a marketing plan and making a product pitch in the style of the hit TV show Dragon’s Den. There were field trips to IKEA, guest speakers sharing marketing tips, and sessions on delivering an effective presentation. The programmes culminated in some fantastic – and very convincing - sales pitches!

Outside lessons, there was an action-packed schedule, with trips to local museums and excursions to destinations such as London, Brighton and Oxford. A key part of the experience was also the chance to stay with a local homestay host, with many students forming a very close bond with the families they stayed with.

Agnese from Italy rated her time at Lewis School very highly. “I will be forever grateful for this experience. I became more independent… I pushed my limits and I challenged myself,” she commented in her final presentation. “Everyone was so nice, they really helped us to improve our skills and I felt like they truly care about our wellbeing and happiness.”

To find out more about tailor-made business courses for juniors, visit the Lewis School of English website.

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