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Why study at a Quality English school or Quality Education college?

Why should I study at a QE school or QEd college?

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Are you looking for a quality English Language course?

Do you need to improve your academic or professional English?

Choosing a school to study any type of English Language course is a complicated process. There are so many considerations; country, city, course type, social activities, nationality mix, price, reputation, student feedback, agency feedback...the list goes on. The most important consideration is what you want to achieve.

If you want to immerse yourself in the English language and make significant improvements to your language skills, you need to choose a school with high academic standards. Quality English schools, wherever they are in the world, have to meet certain standards in order to become a Quality English school. These standards include accreditation from local bodies such as the British Council (UK), CRICOS (Australia), NZQA (New Zealand), Languages Canada (Canada), CEA and/or ACCET (USA), ACELS (Ireland), Feltom (Malta) and EduSA (South Africa).

Working closely with agents all over the world, including the Quality Agent network, Quality English ensures that each and every element of the student's experience meets their expectations, from the booking process right through to returning home after the course.

Quality English also speaks directly to students who have attended our schools to get their feedback and to be assured that they have progressed whilst also having a great experience. 

The Quality English network, which includes schools in the UK, Ireland, Cyprus, USA, Canada, Malta, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, offers a wide variety of courses, locations and experiences. All of our schools are independent and run by the people who own them. This ensures that you, as a student, get attentive and highly qualified tuition, a wide range of activities and, above all, an assurance that you will have a fantastic experience.

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