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Wimbledon School of English is integrating 21st Century skills in all courses

Wimbledon School of English is integrating 21st Century skills in all courses

Learning English isn’t just about learning a language. At Wimbledon School of English, they don’t just teach English. The school prepares their students for life in an international world. The intercultural skills that their students need to thrive and succeed go beyond language. Several skills have been identified as crucial to succeeding in academia, business and life, and the school incorporates these into every part of their programmes.

Academic Skills: group work, research, writing essays, presentations, project work and discussion activities.

Well-Being: regular mindfulness sessions, dedicated mental health officer and access to counselling services. 

Learner Training: individual tutorials, achieving personal study goals, using individual learning styles, study skills and methods training.

Soft Skills: developing adaptability, time management, effective communication, problem solving strategies and digital literacy. 

But perhaps the most important aspect of studying at WSE is that students will meet people from all over the world, with different lives, different families, different customs and traditions. The school welcomes more than 80 different nationalities each year. Students explore not only UK culture, but cultures around the world. They live, work and play together in class, in the school's homestays and student houses, and on their busy social activity programme. There is no better teacher than experience (although the school thinks their teachers are the best!), and the experience students gain at WSE gives them the tools they need to be the best they can be, in an international environment.

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