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Something old, something new at CELT Cardiff

Something old, something new at CELT Cardiff

Spring and Summer 2022 have been really exciting times for CELT Cardiff. They have truly enjoyed getting back to running their full range of face-to-face courses (something old) plus delivering specialised online courses for healthcare professionals and teachers (something new). The pandemic has allowed them to develop a whole new part of the business, CELT Online, and they are really proud of their successes.

After the hiatus caused by the pandemic, they are delighted that both their junior and adult centres are up and running successfully, with all the energy and satisfaction that comes from providing high-quality courses for juniors and adults. Their adult centre was recently featured in a Quality English Instagram livestream, so please have a look at the QE Instagram site to find out what makes CELT special.

CELT Online has gone from strength to strength with webinars delivered to learners in Europe, Africa, the Middle and Far East. In early 2022 we delivered two online teacher development courses on behalf of the British Council for primary and secondary teachers in Guinea Bissau and Vietnam as part of the PRELIM project. This has established CELT as an expert in delivering courses for teachers using social media platforms like WhatsApp because of poor internet connectivity in country. They also delivered a blended CLIL programme for vocational lecturers in a college in the UAE, helping subject teachers to become more confident delivering subject content in English. Finally, they were selected to deliver a series of webinars for teachers in Armenia and Georgia following the Future English Pathways to excellence programme on the British Council Online Teacher Community. On top of this, they are proud to be working as one of a handful of global OET providers, delivering training on behalf of OET to healthcare professionals around the world as an OET All Star.

More details about their teachers' courses can be found here.

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