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LILA - live and direct

LILA - live and direct

Leanne Linacre, Director at LILA, told us about their new online learning...

Well, that was a whirlwind couple of weeks!  After seeing our dear Irish friends having to close their schools with very little notice, we knew that it was only a matter of time until we were forced to do the same.  What turned out to be two weeks gave us the much-needed time to research the various platforms available, access some training and make sure the teachers and students were all set up for the inevitable transition online.  We’d given all stakeholders regular updates on progress and then on 18th March we contacted all our partners and issued a press release to let people know that the school would move entirely online from Monday, 23rd March. 

We’re at the end of the first week now and the transition has been much smoother than I’d anticipated.  The teaching team has been truly inspiring – they’ve managed to exude professionalism without losing their sense of fun all while confined to their homes.  The students have approached this with enthusiasm and open-heartedness in what must be a really challenging time for them.  My heart goes out to them – away from their families and loved ones and more or less confined to their accommodation.  We’re holding regular LILA* Socials online to break up the afternoons and evenings and keep the students’ spirits up.

Our initial focus was on making sure the students studying at LILA* when the school moved online are still having the best experience possible.  Now we’re confident that we can replicate LILA* - live and direct from Liverpool to students all around the world and are actively promoting the courses through our amazingly proactive network of partner agents.  One of the many things we’ve learned in this crazy couple of weeks is that LILA* student love to connect!

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