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Computer Science & Robotics with Academic Summer

Computer Science & Robotics with Academic Summer

Academic Summer is introducing a new programme: Get ready for Computer Science to its specialist summer camps (which also includes Get ready for Medicine and Get ready to IELTS). The intensive two week camps will run at Sidcot School near Bristol and is perfect for students aged 14-17 who are keen on computers and technology.

The course draws from the IB ethos of discovery and exploration in learning and promotes learning through hands-on and practical application. Areas studied include: computer programming, app development, idea pitching, robotics, Silicon Valley, digital media technology, web-design, multimedia technology as well as physics (circuit systems and statistical mechanics), mathematics (statistics, numerical computing, algorithms and data structure), arts (multimedia, animation and graphics), business (internet marketplace, digital marketing, website development) and Theory of Knowledge (ethics around technology, robotics versus human).

The inspiring and practical way of learning is complemented by a rich leisure programme with sports and activities as well as two half day trips and two full day trips per week.

The programme is designed for native English speakers as well as international students. It can be taken as day or boarding programme and can be expanded by combining with the standard academic summer programme Academic Summer runs throughout the summer in all our campuses (Bristol, London or Cambridge (transfer is included in the fees). During the standard programme students can choose their academic subjects, are inspired by experienced and enthusiastic teachers and entertained by varied leisure programme full of trips, sports and activities.

Computer Science can be also studied at Brentwood College School, BC and Ashbury College in Ottawa.

You can find more about this new course here.

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