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Brand new Academic Camp Canada to open Summer 2020 in Ashbury College, Ottawa

Brand new Academic Camp Canada to open Summer 2020 in Ashbury College, Ottawa

Academic Camp Canada has expanded to Ottawa, the capital of Canada. In addition to its two fantastic locations: Rothesay Netherwood School in New Brunswick and Brentwood College School in British Columbia, the high quality academic camps provider for students aged 14-17 has settled down at Ashbury College, Ottawa. Ashbury College is known for being the first IB high school in Canada in 1976. Canadian and international students can join the specialist summer camps: Get ready for Medicine and Get ready for Computer Science. The courses draw from the IB ethos of discovery and exploration in learning and promotes learning trough hands-on and practical application.

Get ready for Medicine includes: anatomy, physiology and pathology of organ systems, hot topics such as antibiotics resistance, ethics and the law, visits to medical institutions such as hospitals, GPs and research facilities, clinical workshop with a doctor, first aid course leading to a qualification, plenty of biology and chemistry practicals and much more. This programme can be also studied at Rothesay Netherwood School, NB and at DLD College London, UK.

Get ready for Computer Science includes: computer programming, app development, robotics, digital media technology, web-design, multimedia technology as well as physics, mathematics, arts (animation and graphics), business (internet marketplace) and Theory of Knowledge (robotics versus human). This programme can be also studied at Brentwood College School, BC and at Sidcot School near Bristol, UK.

You can read more about the new Academic Camp Canada here.

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