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Academic Summer & Academic Camp supporting agents in turbulent times

Academic Summer & Academic Camp supporting agents in turbulent times

Academic Summer & Academic Camp recognise the importance of educational partners and value their expertise. When we are all working hard to get the best out of the “unprecedented times” they came with a unique option to support agents & keep offering great value to ambitious students with academic focus.

Academic Lectures @home are available free of charge to students aged 12-18 who wish to keep in touch with academic English and use language to learn something new and exciting. With topics such as:

- How to write Personal Statement,
- Government’s fiscal response to COVID 19,
- The music of English connected to speech or
- Time and its discovery

The expert speakers are offering engaging and motivating sessions for students to keep expanding on their English and academic knowledge in a pleasant atmosphere. See their schedule here.

How is this supporting agents?

Educational partners can offer these free lectures to look after their clients whether or not they can travel right now. In addition, agents can benefit from a dedicated landing page on Academic Summer & Academic Camps’ website. Enabling agents to promote themselves and the lectures at the same time. Plus all registered students are linked to the agency, preventing mistaking such clients for direct students in the future.

Academic Summer were amongst the few summer providers who successfully ran their courses in summer 2020. Risk-free 2021 bookings are now opened for summer camps in the UK (in London, Cambridge and near Bristol), Switzerland (near Basel) and Canada (New Brunswick and British Columbia). Popular specialist courses Get ready for Medicine, Computer Science, Engineering and IELTS courses are also available.

For more information, visit the school's website.

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