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Interview with Sarah Beasley & Sarah Way from BEET Language Centre & ITTC

Interview with Sarah Beasley & Sarah Way from BEET Language Centre & ITTC

BEET Language Centre reopened recently, so we decided to have a chat with Sarah Beasley (Marketing Executive) and Sarah Way (Office Manager) at BEET Language Centre & ITTC and ask them a few questions!

  1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself? How long have you been with BEET and how did you end up in the industry?

We, “the Sarahs”, as we’re now widely known, have been working harmoniously together at BEET for over 18 years and couldn’t be happier. Sarah W joined the school for her work experience back in 1998; she loved it so much she never left! Although she’s a Sarah of many talents & now Office Manager, during her time here she’s worked in every department - there’s nothing she doesn’t know about BEET, quite frankly. She’s also starred in numerous extra-curricular BEET productions over the years - Cinderella is our favourite to date! I, Sarah B, have been involved in the school in one capacity or another from the tender age of 16 & have also worked in multiple departments; following my CELTA in 2001, I even did a brief stint in the classroom! I finally settled into my marketing role back in 2003 & have never looked back. Having shared my childhood home with many a BEET homestay student as well as the school directors, the school has very much been a part of my life from an early age!

2. Why do you think your school is a Quality English school?

We’re a Quality English school not only due to our commitment to students & high academic standards, but also due to the dedication of the whole BEET team – we are first and foremost a student-centred school motivated by quality; our students’ happiness is our absolute priority.

From the beginning, we have believed in the maxim of excellence. We also believe that a friendly atmosphere is essential to successful learning and an enjoyable, productive time here. We endeavour to provide a 5-star service across every aspect of a student’s language stay; from their classes to the evening social programme, and from their host family’s welcome to the quality of the meals they receive in our school canteen.

BEET is a truly special place. The atmosphere is unique and frequently commented upon; the school exudes warmth and happiness. Everyone is always welcome and greeted with a genuine smile and enthusiasm. Students very often refer to BEET as a home-from-home.

3. Your school has recently reopened. What type of classes are you offering and what are your plans for the coming months?

We were delighted to reopen for the second time on 8 March and continue to offer Face-to-Face & Hybrid lessons in General English, Cambridge and IELTS Preparation. We’re also offering online classes to closed groups. We continue to remain as flexible as possible.

4. Could you tell us the 4 most exciting things that students can do in Bournemouth and surrounding areas?

Bournemouth is a multi-award-winning, vibrant university town - there’s always so much to do! Water sports have become some of our favourite activities but we also have 10km of sandy beaches to enjoy, masses of free outdoor festivals, and a truly international mixture of restaurants, pubs and clubs. We can’t wait for them all to reopen!


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  • Lydia De Mario Avatar

    Lydia De Mario

    A truly enjoyable read, well done to the Sarah's! BEET really is an amazing school, I did my CELTA with them and some part time work helping out in the canteen, it was always a lovely happy positive environment to be in; may the school always thrive! The best in Bournemouth!

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