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VGC International College will be officially reopening on July 6.

VGC International College will be officially reopening on July 6.

We currently have 7 classes running from the school and this number will go up every week until July 6 when we will have all ESL classes taught from our campuses.

As you are aware, VGC International College is taking a different approach to our reopening stages.  After much discussion with healthcare authorities, students and staff, we are convinced a gradual reopening is the best approach. Much of this was due to student feedback as well as the government concern over mental health of international students and our staff.  As we all know and understand, there are many of us who have struggled mentally with the pandemic and are now struggling with going back to school and the new normal. We hope that this gradual re-entry will help calm these anxieties of our students.

We were also concerned about getting the reopening right. Making sure everyone is safe and comfortable in the classroom. We now feel confident that our procedures and processes are vetted and put the health of students and staff first.

We are confident that we can now proceed in a manner that is safe for everyone.

Our classes will look different. There are still many of our students who still feel uncomfortable coming into school. These in-class lessons will be optional for students. There will be a limited number of students per class and per floor to conform to the government laws. This means that some students will not be able to come to class everyday but on alternative days. Others may choose to continue online learning at home. As many other schools, we will be teaching in a blended format. That means lessons will be online as well as in-person for those scheduled to be in the classroom.

All new students are welcome to join our classes once the government sanctioned 2 week isolation is complete immediately after entering Canada. This is being enforced strictly as Vancouver has little to no new COVID-19 cases each day.  Students who wish not to travel may still join our courses online from their home country.


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