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The Linguaviva Centre celebrating The European Day of Languages

The Linguaviva Centre celebrating The European Day of Languages

The European Day of Languages (EDL) is an annual event that seeks to promote linguistic diversity and the importance of language learning in Europe. It is celebrated on September 26th every year.

The event was initiated by the Council of Europe and was first observed in 2001, the European Year of Languages. The Council of Europe promotes the day in partnership with the European Union.

The main objectives of the EDL are to raise awareness of the linguistic diversity in Europe, to promote cultural and linguistic pluralism, and to encourage lifelong language learning in and out of school settings. The day aims to highlight the importance of intercultural understanding, promote the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe, and encourage multilingualism.

Celebrations on this day often involve various activities, events, and competitions related to languages, such as language classes, games, radio shows, and conferences.

This year Marketing English in Ireland invited schools to submit short videos in English and their mother tongue speaking about what they love most about learning English in Ireland. They then chose one winner who took home a Kindle as a prize.

The Linguaviva Centre was delighted to take part in the competition and later learn that our Ukrainian student, Arsenii, was chosen as the winner.

The attached photograph shows Arsenii holding his Kindle!

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