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LILA* Liverpool launch Travel Vlogs

LILA* Liverpool launch Travel Vlogs

Following on from the success of the regional sales videos, virtual fam trip and, more recently, the live English class in the city centre, LILA* Liverpool have taken their video content to the next level with vlogs.

Starting with ICEF Berlin, LILA*’s Sales Manager Stacey McGee filmed her time at the workshop for the first LILA* vlog. Stacey documented the LEAD5050 WIE Awards, workshop venue, ALTO seminar, meetings with partners and the networking events to share her experience. Upon receiving high engagement and positive feedback from the first vlog, LILA* headed to the next few workshops and overseas missions with phone-in-hand to create more travel diaries abroad.

A fantastic opportunity was the Quality English outward mission to Barcelona, which was QE’s 100th mission and also their 15 year anniversary. Taking part in the mission was not only a brilliant experience, but vlogging at the workshop and celebration gave LILA* the chance to document the milestone and share it with partners, Quality English, friends in the industry as well as the rest of the LILA* Team. Sales Manager, Stacey, said ‘At first vlogging and filming myself in public seemed daunting but once I got into the swing of things, it was really fun and enjoyable. We know that the tradition is to take photos at workshops, but we wanted a new innovative idea to help us stick in agents’ minds and this is where the idea for travel vlogs came from. It was great for me to vlog at QE Barcelona as it was a way to promote both LILA* and Quality English brands. Every agent I met has since emailed to ask about the vlog which I think is a great marketing tool! I’d like to say a big thank you to QE team, partners and other schools for getting involved. Watch this space for the next QE vlog next year!’

LILA* is proud to be the only Quality English school in Liverpool and in producing vlogs that message can be shared with partners, both existing and new, as well as students. The Quality English vlog is a great way for LILA* to look back on the event as a fond memory, but also to share with students, partners and the rest of the team so that they can follow the LILA* journey around the world. It shows the hard work put into the mission from Quality English and the positive atmosphere that schools and agents experience whilst at the workshop.

 Watch the Quality English Barcelona vlog here.

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