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LILA* College Receives Prestigious UKVI Student Sponsor Licence, Expanding Academic Opportunities

LILA* College Receives Prestigious UKVI Student Sponsor Licence, Expanding Academic Opportunities

QE school LILA* Liverpool, a leading institution committed to providing exceptional educational experiences, proudly announces the acquisition of the esteemed UKVI Student Sponsor Licence. This significant development marks a pivotal moment in the college's history, opening up new horizons for students aspiring to pursue academic excellence. 

The UKVI Student Sponsor Licence grants LILA* College the authority to sponsor international students on A Level and University Foundation Programmes, further enriching the diverse student body and enhancing the global learning environment. 

The University Foundation Programmes (UFP) and A Level courses, are conducted in collaboration with the renowned David Game College. 

The A Level courses, now under the umbrella of the UKVI Student Sponsor Licence, cover an extensive range of subjects meticulously designed to foster intellectual growth and skill development. The curriculum includes: 

- Mathematics 

- Biology 

- Chemistry 

- Physics 

- Business 

- Economics 

- Psychology 

- Sociology 

These A Level courses at LILA* College promise an immersive and enriching academic experience, providing students with a strong foundation for their future academic pathway. 

In addition to the A Level courses, our University Foundation Programmes offer specialized tracks in Business and Finance, Science, and Law. These programs cater to diverse academic interests, ensuring that students have a wide array of avenues to explore and excel in their chosen fields. 

For those with a passion for Football or Sports industries, LILA* College provides a unique opportunity to combine academic pursuits with world-class training. Students can enrol in any of our programmes alongside the prestigious Football and Coaching programme offered at the iconic Steven Gerrard Academy. 

This new milestone reinforces LILA* College's commitment to delivering excellence in education and broadening the spectrum of opportunities available to our students. We look forward to welcoming aspiring minds from around the world and empowering them to achieve their academic and career goals. 

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