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Top 6 Reasons to Study in Vancouver

Top 6 Reasons to Study in Vancouver

Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity to not only get an amazing educational experience but also to discover who you are as a person. If you are still looking for the perfect place to start your academic journey, why not come to Vancouver, Canada!

Prior to the pandemic, British Columbia was one of the top study destinations among international students. With Vancouver being a city of choice among immigrants, it’s no surprise that the world wants to come here to study. So what is it about Vancouver that people love and want to explore?

Here are the top 6 reasons from VGC International College why you should study in Vancouver:
1) Quality of Education - Canadian Universities are consistently ranked top in the world
2) Career Opportunities - BC projects that over 861,000 jobs will be created, of which 77% will require some level of higher-level education or training
3) Nature - Vancouver is centrally located to a variety of outdoor hot spots and is a dream destination for adventurers
4) Food - Vancouver’s diverse population means students can feast on a variety of cuisines from around the world
5) Diversity - With over 250 ethnicities, there are lots of activities and festivals to go to year-round.
6) The People - Canada has a long history of welcoming refugees and immigrants with open arms and we believe strongly in making space for all cultures, ages, religions, abilities, and talents

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