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Avoiding burnout for ELT professionals

Avoiding burnout for ELT professionals

Presented by Rachael Roberts, ELT Author, teacher trainer and qualified life coach.

Teaching has always been a demanding profession, but, increasingly, teachers are under so much pressure that they crash and burn out of teaching altogether. In this session I will help teachers to recognise the sometimes subtle signs of impending burnout, and suggest a variety of ways to avoid burning out, from practical tips to changes in mindset.

Join us for this webinar hosted by Rachael Roberts

Tuesday 21st July
10.00 and 16.00 BST

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Recordings will be made available following the events

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As well as a long-term ELT teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer, Rachael Roberts is also a qualified life coach and counsellor, specialising in helping teachers and other education professionals to avoid burnout and live balanced, happy lives.

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