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Joining QE and QEd

How to apply for a QE or QEd License

Our licensed schools and colleges adhere to strict criteria. These high standards ensure that only the best schools and colleges are permitted to carry our logos. In return, the schools enjoy a wide range of benefits which help them to stand out from the crowd. Please email for more information about how to apply, if your institution:

  • has been in operation for at least three years
  • has accreditation from the accreditation board in the country in which it operates
  • is privately-owned, independent and not part of a chain
  • regularly receives excellent feedback from students and agents
  • is dedicated to providing quality tuition, support and care to its students
  • is located in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Malta, USA, Canada or South Africa

If you meet all of these criteria but your school teaches English Language courses in a non-English speaking country, you may be eligible to become an Associate School. Please email to find out more about this.

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