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Student experience at Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI)

Student experience at Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI)

Katsuhiko, a business student at WESLI, has been accepted to a law position in Japan. The company has an international customer base, including the United States. Katsu is studying to increase his English skill-set to further his understanding of American Media Law. “I am working in a legal position in a telecommunications company. I have to watch out for American laws because telecommunications is not only Japanese, so I need to understand English.”

He noted he enjoys absorbing English through both culture and the classroom. He says that WESLI’s approach is beneficial to his future position because it is giving him the ability to handle intensive English texts. “Mainly my job will be researching, so it will be a lot of reading and translating.”

He also appreciates WESLI’s approach to teaching that creates appropriate, applicable lessons to learners at any level. Because there are seven WESLI levels from Beginner to Advanced, he feels confident communicating with other students in his classes, and says that they learn from each other using the skills they are gaining together, “step-by-step”.

Katsuhiko chose to study in Wisconsin because he enjoys having opportunities to visit nature. Madison’s city life is complemented by the easy access to nature with 100 city parks and many State Parks nearby. He also mentioned that the cost of living in the Midwest was a deciding factor and a benefit of coming to Wisconsin instead of more expensive states.

Now that he has experienced Madison, he says that he is thoroughly impressed with Midwest hospitality. “I like the people here!” He said, “I love the - how do you say - "midwest nice". Everybody speaks softly and is kind. It is similar to Japanese culture.”

He is very glad he chose WESLI in Wisconsin and would like to continue his academic courses in the future. “I would also like to study my master’s in the US. I don’t know when that will be, but I hope to be back.”

WESLI is located in Madison, Wisconsin, USA and provides Academic, Business, and General or Customized English Programs.

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