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Student experience at iTTTi Vancouver

Student experience at iTTTi Vancouver

One of the programs iTTTi Vancouver offers is General English. Students taking General English have the option to continue their studies in one of their university and college partners for different diplomas, certificates, undergraduate, and graduate programs.

One such student who successfully finished the school's six-month programme is Pedro Arevalo from Venezuela. After their school, Pedro enrolled at University Canada West under the Associate of Arts program for Marketing.

Here’s a bit about Pedro’s experience at iTTTi in his own words:

What are three things you liked about iTTTi?
iTTTi’s teachers were one of the things I liked the most. My teachers were very professional and knew how to teach English very well! Also, the atmosphere in class is phenomenal, since you share with people from other countries like Colombia, Mexico, Japan, and Korea you can get to know different cultures. Finally, the best thing about the school is that you meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and make new friends!

How did the English program help you prepare for university?
It really helped me to be better prepared for entering university. This is because the English program is perfect for you to learn the grammar that will help you in the future, both in university and in a work environment.

Any advice for future students enrolling in the program?
Just enjoy your time at iTTTi as it is a unique experience, meet new friends and pay attention during your classes!

Looking towards developing your career and building a better future for you and your family through English education? Get in touch with iTTTi Vancouver here.

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