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Meet Sergio studying with Worldwide School of English

Meet Sergio studying with Worldwide School of English

Despite the disruptions of the global pandemic, Worldwide School of English remains open to students that would like to improve their English. Catering to the students’ changing needs, the school has adjusted the timetable of their classes, introduced online learning and extended the library’s operating hours, so that motivated students can conduct self-learning under the supervision of a qualified teacher on duty.

Meet Sergio from Colombia, who has now been studying with Worldwide School of English for 108 weeks. Sergio’s English has improved tremendously and he is more than a regular student; he is part of the school family. Here is what he has to say about his experience:

"I arrived New Zealand in February 2019 as a student. I decided to enrol in a long-term course to improve my English in order to get into the engineer diploma programme offered by a university in Colombia. Many recommended Worldwide School of English, as they offer personalised learning plans that pertain to each students’ weaknesses. I was not disappointed, my teacher asked about my goals so that it can be factored into my learning plan, we also have 1-on-1 meetings monthly to make sure I am progressing as planned. I now have Academic IELTS certification, which will help me to a better career in the future. Throughout the pandemic, the WWSE team has been very supportive. WWSE and New Zealand have given me much more than I imagined, I am very happy and grateful for all that."

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