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Macmillan's portfolio of books for teens, adults and exam prep courses

Macmillan's portfolio of books for teens, adults and exam prep courses

Getting ready for summer? Macmillan Education's latest teen books are sure to be a hit with your students and teachers. There are up-to-date topics and plenty of teen-tested videos to capture students’ attention, and a focus on developing more than just their language skills, to help them take their place in the world. Teachers will love the resources, such as Kahoot quizzes for every unit, tips for inclusive mixed-ability classrooms, and a teachers’ zone on the website with helpful extras.

Gateway to the World is perfect for today’s demanding and sophisticated teens, with a focus on academic, social and emotional skills development, through the Great Thinkers Great Learners sections in each unit.
Get Involved targets the skills students will need most in their future lives, communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking, and encourages confidence in their use of language. 
  Need a change for your adults’ General English courses? Try Language Hub, with its innovative and user-friendly teacher’s book, designed to take the complexity out of teaching English. With Language Hub, producing interesting and motivating lessons has never been easier, and your students will benefit from regular opportunities for meaningful communication, bridging the gap between classroom and real-world English.
  Running Cambridge C1 Advanced exam preparation courses? The hotly-anticipated 4th edition of the tried and tested Ready for C1 is out now. With improved and extended listening scaffolding and development, more exam tips, and a greater focus on pronunciation and intonation, your students will be better-prepared for the exam than ever. The new, up-to-date topics will engage students’ interest and motivation, so that even exam classes can be fun!

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