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Languages United's teachers are beaming with creativity

Languages United's teachers are beaming with creativity

Languages United is delighted to be part of the PRELIM (Partnered Remote Language Improvement) project supported by British Council, IATEFL and EnglishUK to work with English Teachers Associations around the world on language development projects for teachers. Having done all the meetings and needs analysis, they started January 2021 with positivity and with excellent feedback from their ETA (English Teachers' Association) in Georgia.

The feedback has been absolutely fantastic and this one sums it all up.

"Thank you very much for all you do for us. It's a great opportunity for me to participate in this course, and I'll do all my best to become a better teacher. I do not have big experience of teaching, so I always try to look for new methods or activities that will interest my lovely little students. This course makes me more self-confident and I thank you for this chance. I can't wait to see you all on Wednesday. Love you much!"           Lela K, Georgia

Languages United is so delighted to be part of this project - their teachers are beaming with ideas and creativity.

So nice to have some positivity in January!

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