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Getting to know students at iTTTi Vancouver

Getting to know students at iTTTi Vancouver

iTTTi Vancouver loves welcoming students from all over the world. One such student that they were happy to meet was Camille Fernandes from Guaratinguetá, Brazil. Camille enrolled for 8 weeks at the school and graduated from the Upper-Intermediate level.

Here are some facts about her and her experience at iTTTi:

1. Before arriving in Vancouver, Camille looked for different education options. She debated between taking a SAT preparation program (a standardized test for college admission in the USA) or a General English program.

2. Camille has a variety of different hobbies, from dancing to athletics! She also loves painting and playing the piano.

3. She loves Vancouver and says what makes the city different is: "people who are always friendly, the variety of food and cultures, and the beautiful nature".

4. Her favorite and most highly recommended places to visit in the city are Stanley Park and Grouse Mountain.

5. The best part about studying at iTTTi was making new friends. She also enjoyed the afternoon electives such as Listening and Dictation.

If you are interested in studying at iTTTi, they have counsellors who can give you the best advice on programs that fit your interests. Just get in touch!

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