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Empowering Journeys: Seolhwa's Story at iTTTi Vancouver

Empowering Journeys: Seolhwa's Story at iTTTi Vancouver

iTTTi Vancouver has offered various English proficiency programs over the years. With changing market demands, their school has developed a College & University Access program for students who wish to expand their academic experiences by improving their English proficiency and by challenging themselves in Canada’s job market. Get ready to be amazed by the incredible journey of one of their adventurous students.

Their student Seolhwa, originally from Korea, arrived in Vancouver with her three adorable kids and started her English programs at iTTTi for the first time in mid-January last year. She had studied English before coming to Canada; however, as she mentioned it was not easy for her to open up and speak for herself initially. At the same time, as most international students, at the beginning she struggled adapting to living in Canada while caring for her family as a professional mother and reliable guardian.

Despite the pressure and tough situation, with the school academic and encouraging counseling support she continued studying English to move forward. Over time, she achieved remarkable progress in English and consistently advanced from an Elementary to an Upper Intermediate level. Finally, she reached the point she had been aiming for and applied to a hospitality management program, at one of iTTTi's partner institutions, which will help her achieve her dream and gain confidence in herself once again.

The hotel management industry, in which she will start her next step in Canada, has a promising future. According to labor market information research, the job prospects for management occupations within the hotel management field over the next three years are very good, especially in British Columbia. Additionally, over the period from 2022 to 2031, new job openings are expected to total 45,500 (see here).. This fact will drive her journey to challenge herself to settle down and succeed in this market.

As an international English institute, iTTTi takes immense pride in being a part of their students' journeys. They are committed to continuously supporting and encouraging them as they strive to achieve their professional and personal dreams.

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