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QE welcomes new Quality English Associate School

QE welcomes new Quality English Associate School

IR Academy in Algeria has become the latest QE Associate School (high-quality independent English Language Schools in non-English speaking countries).

International Research Academy is a part of HIS University in Algiers. The school’s mission is to foster collaboration with researchers and organizations from different countries. IR Academy offers a range of training, workshops, and other educational programs to meet the pressing needs of individuals and corporate clients alike. Their focus is on research and the pursuit of knowledge, as well as a commitment to excellence in education and training. 

Jonathan commented:

“Nacer and his staff at IR Academy display high standards of operation and support which underpin their academic excellence. The school works on numerous public projects alongside their work with private clients and we are pleased to now have a QE presence in Algeria. We very much look forward to introducing Nacer to the wider QE community.”

Project Manager, Nacer Eddine Alouani, responded:

"After dedicating over 5 years to establishing a reputable presence in the educational landscape of Algeria, IR Academy has consistently strived for excellence in language programs, quality assurance, and research development. As an integral part of HIS university, we believe that becoming a member of the esteemed Quality English community, comprising seasoned professionals and experts, is a pivotal milestone that allows us to venture into the global market with utmost confidence and competence.

Being approved by QE carries immense significance for IR Academy. It serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering educational excellence and upholding rigorous standards. QE's stamp of approval not only validates our efforts but also opens doors to invaluable partnerships and collaborations with renowned institutions worldwide. It reinforces our position as a trusted educational provider and assures students and stakeholders of the exceptional quality of education and services we offer."

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