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QE hosting face-to-face Missions in Tokyo and Taipei

QE hosting face-to-face Missions in Tokyo and Taipei

In April, we hosted Missions (agent workshops) in Tokyo and Taipei. These were the first two QE Missions out of a total of 7 events taking place around the world this year.

The events in Japan and Taiwan brought together 15 different QE/QEd schools with over 35 agents from both countries. 

15 QE schools from 5 countries (Ireland, Malta, USA, Canada and the UK) took part in the Tokyo Mission. 12 QE schools from 5 countries (Ireland, Malta, USA, Canada and the UK) took part in the Taipei Mission. 9 QE schools attended both events.

Delegates enjoyed a full day of meetings with existing and new partners including a delicious lunch and additional networking opportunities throughout the various coffee breaks before finishing the day off with a drinks' reception.

We were thrilled to be able to return to Tokyo and Taipei and reunite some of our schools with a wonderful range of agencies. This was our fifth Mission to Tokyo and our first since 2019 and it was our fourth Mission to Taipei and our first since 2017.

We are very much looking forward to our Missions in October and November (including our special 20th Anniversary event in Madrid).

You can read some of the feedback we received below:

“I think all the meetings were great that day.” - Anne Lee, Intake Education, Taiwan

“Great event, thanks for the hosts.” - Tony Chang, Bear Education, Taiwan

“It was great to have the opportunity to go sightseeing and have dinner with everyone after the workshop. It was the first time to attend QE event for me, and I enjoyed it very much.” - Kento Hirano, Frances King School of English

“The workshop was a huge success - a wonderful selection of quality agents, a great venue, friendly staff, and great facilities. Thank you!” - Sarah Beasley, BEET Language Centre

“The location was central and close to the main shopping area of Taipei. The event was really well organised even though we were only able to stay there until lunchtime. The facilities were very good and the atmosphere was very relaxed.” - Greg Nelson, CELT Cardiff

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