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Find out more about our Missions (agent workshops)

Find out more about our Missions (agent workshops)

Our Missions (or agent workshops) are a key part of our business and one of the reasons we’ve just won our fourth ST Star School Association award. These small, specialised workshops give Agents/Educational Counsellors the opportunity to have a series of 25-minute face-to-face business meetings with Quality English schools and Quality Education colleges to build and reinforce successful partnerships.

These are warm and friendly events and include the following benefits for agents:

  • Meet high quality providers in a professional environment
  • Have a pre-scheduled timetable of face-to-face meetings with educators
  • Full lunch, refreshments and drinks reception with networking opportunities
  • Learn more about Quality English and becoming an Approved Quality Agent
  • Free of charge for agents to attend

“Always is a pleasure and very productive to attend QE & QEd meetings as one of our focus is to offer our students Quality services at Quality schools. I know that the schools are very well selected as I have visited some of them and sent students already, but we have not time to visit all of them, that is why the importance of QE to introduce us excellent schools with great services for our clients."  J. Sarmiento, British Unlimited

For more information and book your place, please contact Agent Relations and Missions Manager, Miss Frances Pottschulte:



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