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Quality English approaches milestones

15 years of Quality English

15 years, 100 Missions.

The year 2018 will mark 15 years of Quality English working to support and promote the excellence of independent English Language schools. 

Quality English Ltd. (QE) was founded in 2003 as a brand marketing company in the EFL/ESL international education industry. At that time there were 12 schools in the QE group which has grown gradually to 64 schools in 9 countries. All of these schools share the same values and offer the same high standards of teaching and pastoral care to international students.

In 2012, Quality Education (QED), the brand for independent colleges teaching international students in English was launched. These colleges offer vocational and academic courses, in the medium of English, to international students. 

QE has continued to support the recruitment and marketing activities of these schools and colleges, in particular through hosting several "Missions" (agent workshops) each year.

Our missions (workshops) give Agents/Educational Counsellors the opportunity to have a series of 25 minute face-to-face business meetings with QE schools and QED colleges to discuss partnerships and for agents to find out more about our international educators’ centres, programmes, locations, fees and services.

Schools and colleges meet Agents in their home country at these small, specialised workshops.  Unlike at the global ‘mega-workshops’, here educators and agents alike can have productive meetings in calm and congenial surroundings, conducive to building and reinforcing successful partnerships.

We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have with agents all over the world. These relationships help to reinforce the benefits of studying at independent schools and colleges so that students and their parents can be reassured about the experience they will have during their studies. When an agent works with at least 3 QE schools and/or QED colleges, they can apply to become a Quality Agent; a badge which indicates they understand the brand and the qualities of our Licensed schools and colleges. 

Quality English also recognises the standards of schools offering English Language courses to students in their local area and such schools can apply to become QE Associate Schools. There are currently 10 QE Associate Schools around the world, many of which send students to QE Schools to continue their studies in a new environment. 

In 2018, QE will host its 100th Mission which will be held in Barcelona on 15th November. This event will include a celebratory Gala Dinner for our schools and loyal agents. 

In 2018, QE/QED will be hosting Missions in:

20th March:  Seoul

22nd March:  Tokyo

2nd October:  Moscow

4th October:  Istanbul

8th November:  Warsaw

13th November:  Milan

 15th November:  Barcelona

To find out more about QE/QED events, click here.

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