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Taunton School online students can expect the same high standards

Taunton School Online

All students at Taunton School will be receiving the same high quality specialised teaching during this challenging time through carefully planned Remote Learning. The continuation of education through Microsoft Teams and the school intranet VLE, Firefly, allows us to deliver live lessons remotely to classes but also means that all sessions are recorded and available to those students whose time zones do not align with the timetable. Both teachers and students are able to share important resources and the platform allows the submission of assignments, tasks and prep to mimic the standard teaching experience as closely as possible.

Students still attend Form, Tutor Group and 1:1 sessions with their tutor so that they can discuss any issues both technical and academic, the students’ progress and wellbeing. Attendance can be monitored also and it provides an opportunity for the children to reach out to one another to maintain the strong community feel that the school brings.

We are proud to say that in spite of the current situation, our pastoral care remains excellent. We have found new and innovative ways to provide our students with pastoral support via a specially designed online Wellbeing Hub, which includes access to invaluable resources such Mental Health Nurses and Counsellors. House Parents and tutors will continue to interact with students on a regular basis, offering encouragement and familiarity to students across the globe.

The students have access to an extensive online Enrichment Programme offering almost 50 different activities, ranging from astronomy to Zumba to trading the financial markets. There is definitely something for everyone and the sessions are predominantly ‘live’, allowing an excellent opportunity for students to interact with their peers and further develop their English skills. The timing of the programme is tailored to accommodate students in different time zones and provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn a new skill and enhance their academic profile.

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