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Galway Language Centre offers online lessons and self-guided study packs

Galway Language Centre offers online lessons and self-guided study packs

Bridge Mills Galway Language Centre has teamed up with Really English to provide our students affected by the school closure with self-guided study packs.

Students have receive a unique code by email before the end of business on Monday the 23rd of March 2020 to give them access to their individual study courses. This code will also be provided to all long term students that are affected by the school closure and were due to start their course during the dates we remain close.

The self-guided study pack will provide them with up to 2-3 hours of study material per day. The course included in the self-study guide is designed to last up to 4 months. The self-guided study pack is completely free for our students.

Also, immediately after the school closure we started offering online live lessons through Zoom. This week, 30.03.2020, sees the upgrade of our online courses to 9 hours of live lessons per week coupled with the 15 hours p/w of self-guided study it will total around 24 hours of study time per week.

As the ongoing situation is evolving, and as we have now been advised by the government that we cannot open till 20.04.2020 at the earliest, these classes will be in place of the students programme on an ongoing basis. (until such date when we re-open)

We are continuously developing our online programmes, offering interesting classes and helping the students improve their language skills during this uncertain times. We have also made updates on the above in our website in different languages to make it as accessible as possible to our students. 

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