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Exciting Summer Programme at Atlantic Language Galway

Exciting Summer Programme at Atlantic Language Galway

Facing another unusual summer, Atlantic Language asked students what they wanted to learn. It turns out that after a year in online classes on grammar and other English skills, students want a bit of magic! They don’t want to learn English in the traditional sense – rather they want to learn other things IN English.

At the same time, the school challenged their teachers to come up with innovative courses and teaching methods that would give students something a little different… something out of the box.. something that they might actually enjoy!

Then, the school combined the two and came up with a Summer programme like no other!

The Atlantic Summer Programme:
• Gives students what they want – excitement!
• Focuses on learning IN English
• Leaves enough time and space for relaxation, wellbeing, and holiday, while still keeping the learning going.

Junior Summer Programme
The Junior Summer Programme is designed specifically for students aged 15-17 and includes:
Comic Design
Song writing
Myths and Legends (Learn about myths and legends and then write your own)
Public speaking
Contemporary language (Learn about slang and how modern language is used)
And more!

On top of these outstanding summer courses, Atlantic Language has also developed two new programmes: Arrive Ahead and Language Gym.

Arrive Ahead
Arrive Ahead is a course developed to prepare students heading to university, high school, or a semester abroad.

This course is makes sure students don’t become overwhelmed by their new surroundings and way of life in the crucial first part of their new adventure.

Language Gym

Language Gym is a flexible course giving participants control over how and when they learn English. It focuses on working out participants mental muscles and getting them fitter… linguistically.

For the time being all the courses mentioned above are available online. The school has reopened for existing Atlantic students, but for now, the school must wait until they are able to welcome new enrolments to Galway. Students eager to start right away can join the school's hybrid classes.

For more details, check out the school's website.

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