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Excellent Teacher Training Courses at LSI Portsmouth

Excellent Teacher Training Courses at LSI Portsmouth

LSI Portsmouth has been helping people improve their English since 1985 which the schools is really proud of. But what about those who can’t come to Portsmouth? How could a language school like LSI reach them and help with facilitating their language education? The answer is Teacher Training! If you can’t help everyone, train those who teach and work with them.

LSI Portsmouth has been successfully running a variety of Teacher Training programmes, such as Methodology and Language courses for non-native Secondary School teachers or CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) but the most popular, and lately very highly sought out, is their fantastic Methodology & Language courses for University staff including both Lecturers and Admin staff.

The school has been working with universities from different countries. Last year they developed new partnerships with three Hungarian universities and these universities have been sending their teams for bespoke Teacher Training courses to LSI ever since. There are different options teachers can choose from such as a full time, high intensity, Teacher Training programme, or a combination of 30+ and closed group Teacher Training afternoons.

LSI welcomed groups and individuals from the University of Pecs, The University of Debrecen and the Eszterhazy University. The feedback has been outstanding from both their and the school's end. These courses help university lecturers, who teach international students in Hungary, with intercultural communication, instructional language and terminology, lecture and lesson techniques, Lecture delivery skills and directing and controlling seminars in an international student context.

Apart from the course they also take part in the social programme, socialize with all the other students, join the 30+ and executive students in the school's beautiful executive lounge and enjoy the benefits of LSI's executive lunches in their very own restaurant, not mentioning living with a host family!

Find out more about the Teacher Training programmes at LSI Portsmouth!

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