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Academic Camp Online - any subject, any exam...

Academic Camp Online - any subject, any exam...

With over 20 years of experience, Academic Tutor Online has been helping students achieve the skills and knowledge they need for academic success. We are a team of individuals dedicated to education. Matching students with experienced, well-trained teachers who relate to their tutee and understand their needs is our top priority. Our tutors can help students from all age groups in any subject. From English or Maths to Sciences, Humanities or Computer Science, starting your learning is easy:  Register at, pick area(s) of study and discuss your personal plan with your tutor. Now you can learn at times that suit you at a pace tailored to you.

New - Academic Tutor Online we will be running: 

1) A week of taster academic online tuition - Academic Brain Booster - from 20th to 24th April. With sessions for students aged 12-14 and 15+ students can choose from Maths, Science, Presentation & Interview Skills, Essay Writing, Social Studies, Theory of Knowledge and Get ready for Medicine. Places are limited to 10 students per session. Contact Academic Tutor Online for full schedule and to reserve your place.

2) Get ready for Medicine Online - from 11th to 29th May
This innovative and interactive three week online course is perfect for those who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine or see if it is right for them. It is offering 40 hours of learning covering application process to medical school including writing your personal statement and BMAT and UCAT), clinical relevance of biology, research skills, team work and communication in the area of medicine as well as the hot topic: viruses and disease control. Learning will be divided into group sessions (maximum 10 students in a group), one to one sessions, group presentations and lecture from an expert. Students will do a research project and present this and will get a certificate and report at the end of their course. Places are limited to 10 students. Contact Academic Tutor Online for more details and to reserve your place.

The Academic Tutor Online team are all lifelong learners, from our founders through to our administrative staff and so we truly understand the importance of constant learning and development.  Through our tutors, we seek to inspire students to acquire winning habits: working every day, tackling tasks in small bites and asking questions. Our passion and energy encourage our students to develop consistent performance. 

We are proud to say time and again that we satisfy the high expectations of parents. Across the organisation we employ staff who invest effort, time and dedication in each and every student. Parents can feel confident that their child will receive the highest standard of personalised teaching, pastoral care and personal development. Pre-determined goals and successful learning outcome will be met.  All concerns and issues will be addressed head on - nothing is too big, small or irrelevant.  We are easy to contact and always ready to listen. 

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