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Meet Jennifer Phillips, Director at Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI)

Meet Jennifer Phillips, Director at Wisconsin ESL Institute (WESLI)

Why do you think your school is a Quality English school?

WESLI is an independent language school that has been providing quality English language instruction in Madison since 1981. WESLI is very much a family, from our faculty and staff, to our current students, alumni and partners around the world. Through research and talking with agents and with other similar schools around the world, we realized Quality English and its partner schools and agents was the perfect organization for us to partner with to send the world the message of WESLI’s and QE’s amazing qualities and amazing abilities to help our students reach their life goals.

What made you join Quality English?

We wanted to join Quality English for a variety of reasons, but highlighting a few, we wanted to join QE to…

  • collaborate with other like-minded schools
  • help to distinguish ourselves in what sometimes seems like a market saturated with language schools
  • collaborate with QE and its partners to continue to develop WESLI’s excellence and unique features 
  • to join with other passionate professionals who understand why a school like ours is unique and the perfect choice for students.

Why would you recommend Quality English from what you know so far?

The other schools that we have met so far have all been wonderful.  For that reason alone, I would recommend Quality English. Meeting Jonathan and now working with the QE team, has shown us what a great organization it is and how the focus, vision for the future, development strategies and best practices are so similar to ours. I am very much looking forward to meeting the partner agencies and see how we can work together in the next year.

What are the main reasons to recommend WESLI to an international student wishing to study in English?

WESLI is in the most amazing city in the world that students haven’t heard of :) I may be a bit biased, but I really think it’s true. Everyone that visits Madison falls in love with the city. It’s a great change of pace from the typical US study locations and one that really allows students to become part of the community – not just the community of the school, but of the entire city as well. WESLI is a great place for students that wish to commit to their language study and really see results, as well as for those that are looking to really integrate into American culture.

WESLI has been providing quality English instruction and an amazing cross-cultural experience to tens of thousands of students for over 36 years. Along with our Teacher Training, English Plus, Business English and Test Preparation courses, we also offer a University Pathway program, design to not only help students gain the language skills necessary to enter into university, but also give them the skills they need to succeed while attending university.


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