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Meet Cathy Wellings, Director at The London School of International Communication

Meet Cathy Wellings, Director at The London School of International Communication

Why do you think your school is a Quality Education school?

Clients are now often looking for more than a language course and LSIC provides a wide range of international skills programmes that complement traditional English language training. And of course, our umbrella school, The London School of English, was a founding member of Quality English.

What made you join Quality Education?

The initial contact came through the London School of English and we wanted to demonstrate a shared set of values and focus on quality across the entire LondonSchool Group. As a relatively young organisation we were keen to be part of a network that would give us the opportunity to network and collaborate with other quality organisations and like-minded professionals who share a similar ethos when it comes to learning.

Why would you recommend Quality Education from what you know so far?

It’s important for us to be part of a network that shares good practice and recognises and values of the quality training courses we offer. As a new member we are looking forward to working more closely with the QE team and other members as we have heard great things about the events and opportunities they can provide.

What are the main reasons to recommend LSIC to an international student wishing to study in English?

LSIC offers clients who already have a high level of English the opportunity to develop their communication, intercultural and global leadership skills in a multicultural environment. Our trainers are experts with many years’ international work experience and our courses are very practical, focusing on real workplace challenges.

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