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Meet the Educators... Interview with Sherri Motohashi, Principal of iTTTi, Canada

Interview with Sherri Motohashi, iTTTi Vancouver, Canada

Why do you think iTTTi Vancouver is a Quality English school?

When agents and students look for a school providing an excellent experience, they can be sure that a Quality English school will deliver. iTTTi Vancouver is a school where the owner is personally invested in every decision made and dedicated to keeping a high standard of care and service. Our school is really a gem in Vancouver. We have a beautiful facility occupying just one floor of modern, clean building in the best area of downtown Vancouver. With a year round average of 150 students, we are just the right size to provide enough variety for our diverse student mix but still small enough to foster an environment where students, staff and instructors have a close relationship. In fact, our administrative staff are not hidden away in back offices, they are out front easily accessible to students at any time.  I personally read the graduating feedback form of every student that has studied at our school, and maintaining the highest level of quality is my top priority everyday. iTTTi Vancouver holds multiple accreditations- Languages Canada (the premier association for language school accreditation in Canada), EQA (Education Quality Assurance-provincial standard of accreditation for post secondary education), PTIB (Private Training Institutions Branch-provincial regulatory body for Colleges and Language Schools) and we are on the Designated Institutions List (DLI) of the Canadian Immigration and Consultancy as a school whose students are authorized to receive study permits. I truly believe we embody quality in English language training.

What made you join Quality English?

As a medium size school when we enter new markets we have found it challenging for new potential partners to understand not only what kind of school we are but also to prove that we are a high quality and reliable school. Now more than ever agents and students need to be sure that they can trust the school they are working with. The  Quality English brand is well known so agents know right away that our school can provide an excellent experience for their students, and excellent service as a partner as well.

Why would you recommend Quality English from what you know so far?

Quality English has a strong history of providing agents and students with a reliable resource when looking for good schools. I have noticed already that many of our current partners are quite familiar with the QE brand and are impressed that we have now become a QE school. I hope to build on this experience and expand the number of agent partners that we have, as well as promote our school more  effectively in a variety of countries.

What are the main reasons to recommend iTTTi to an international student wishing to study in English?

Students that come to our school are making an investment in their future and we  recognize how important it is for them to achieve their goals, and to achieve them at the best pace possible. Not only do we have a wide range of English language training programs (General English, Speaking Clinic, Speaking Test Master, Exam Preparation (IELTS, TOEFL iBT, TOEIC), English for International Business, Marketing and Hospitality/Tourism, and College/University Pathway), but we also have a very flexible system. Our motto is “because you are unique”. We understand that every student has not only a different reason for studying with us, but different learning speeds and also that their needs evolve during their study program. Students can start on any Monday, during their first week they can also change their program with consultation at no extra cost, and every cycle they receive academic advice on which course will best suit their changing abilities and needs. We have qualified, dedicated and passionate instructors that motivate the students with engaging interactive lessons. We also provide an exciting activities program of weekly social activities both in and out of the school. Our knowledgeable Student Services Coordinator helps students plan their extra-curricular adventures. Students are able to meet new friends, have fun, and use their new English abilities in real life settings, while getting to know all the wonderful things our beautiful city has to offer. Finally, as an international language school we have students come from around the world.  Here, students learn more than just English; they learn about new cultures and customs and how to get along in a world than is now more global than at any other time in history.

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