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Interview with Barbara Dick of New York Language Center

Interview with Barbara Dick of New York Language Center

Why do you think your school is a Quality English school?

New York Language Center has been in operation for more than three decades.  Our mission is to  provide  quality, affordable English classes to international students in a supportive, friendly atmosphere where students come first, whether their goal is academic, professional or personal self improvement, and expose them to American culture.  New York Language Center succeeds in its mission as evidenced by our high student satisfaction ratings on social media. Agents know that when they send their students to New York Language Center, they are working with a management team that is responsive, caring and that strives for a positive student experience at all times. Our instructional staff is carefully selected, closely monitored and achieves excellent results. Our Housing Coordinator and Activities Director adds to  the overall positive student experience.

What made you join Quality English?

We decided to join Quality English to distinguish ourselves in the highly competitive market that exists in New York City.  We have always known that we offer a unique experience for students at our schools and that student not only receive excellent instruction but are made to feel part of a family.  Quality English offers recognition that underscores our key principles.

Why would you recommend Quality English from what you know so far?

We have been members of Quality English for less than one year. However, I noticed that in our first mission to Bogota, agents were quite enthusiastic about meeting with a Quality English school in New York City that offers an affordable alternative for their clients. I was so pleased at the reception we received. Moreover, the ability to participate in the intimate, targeted missions offers quite a different experience from attending massive agent fairs. I was personally very pleased.

What are the main reasons to recommend New York Language Center to an international student wishing to study English?

New York Language Center has a long standing positive reputation in our community. Not every student has the funds necessary to study at our more expensive competitors, and we offer an alternative where the quality of instruction and student services is not compromised.     Every employee at New York Language Center understands we must make students feel like they are part of a family and are always there to support them.  Students leave New York Language Center with a very positive view of New York, greater English skills and many new friends from all over the world.



  • Renaud Duval Avatar

    Renaud Duval

    I read your interview and I am interested in the value/price ratio that NYLC seems to offer. We work with several English Language Centers in New York but I would be interested to know more about NYLC.
    Renaud Agency based in Paris France

  • Barbara sidler Avatar

    Barbara sidler

    NYLC has a very positive reputation being able to offer students a wonderful overall exposure to American culture while receiving a high level of classes by the best professionals in the field..

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