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Interview with Artur Barabanov - QEAS school: Panda English School, Belarus

Interview with Artur Barabanov - QEAS school: Panda English School, Belarus

Panda English School in Minsk, Belarus has recently become a Quality English Associate School, so we spoke to Artur Barabanov (Director) to learn more about the school, their reasons to apply to join Quality English and their plans for 2021.

Why do you think your school is a Quality English Associate School?

Quality of teaching has always been our top priority. Panda English School has strict criteria in selecting teachers and ensures their ongoing development and training. We monitor new teaching tools and implement the best approaches into practice. Our students keep improving their English skills and regular tests confirm their progress. We stay in touch with our clients trying to satisfy all their needs and inquiries. As a result, our NPS index has always been above 90 and the number of our students is constantly growing.

Why did you decide to apply to become a QEAS?

At a certain point of time, we understood the need in independent evaluation of our school, quality of teaching and business processes. Not just to confirm the high level of our services (though it is very important too) but also to identify new opportunities and ways of further development of our School. We consider Quality English a very trusted and respected expert in the Education sector. Our early cooperation has already helped us to take a fresh look at our school, reconsider some of our approaches and define new priorities.

Why would you recommend Quality English from what you know so far?

The Educational sector is very competitive and makes the Clients’ choice very difficult. Becoming a QEAS helps Panda English School to stand out from other schools in the market and sends to our current and potential students a clear signal where they can get really quality education. Besides, Quality English offers great opportunities in networking with the best English schools in the world, teacher trainings and student exchanges and we are looking forward to further cooperation with Quality English.

What are your plans for 2021?

We plan to develop further and expand the range of services for our students. For example, in 2021 we plan to become Cambridge partners to give our students the opportunity to prepare for international exams and receive an independent assessment of their knowledge! This is our main priority at the moment.

Also, our plans include continuing to develop partnerships with international organizations. So, in the summer we are working with a famous tourist organization Sandemans to conduct online tours around English-speaking countries for our children.

We are continuing to improve the qualifications of our teachers in our school and in international institutions.

We look forward to establishing contacts with English schools outside of Belarus. We get ready, as soon as the situation allows, to send our students for internships/studies to English-speaking countries. In turn, we will be happy to welcome everyone at our school and provide them with an unforgettable journey around Belarus.

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